White male athletes should kneel for abortion rights — it’s not like they’d get blackballed

Article here. Excerpt:

'If men can drop to one knee to propose to a woman, white male athletes that claim to care about women’s rights shouldn’t have a problem doing it again for abortion rights.

According to Politico, for the first time in which anyone can remember, a draft decision from the Supreme Court has been leaked, as the court that Trump and his hateful followers packed while he was in office (one seat stolen I might add) is reportedly set to overturn Roe v. Wade, sending a woman’s right to choose back to the states. Despite the Orgasm Gap, men in this country love trying to control and govern women’s bodies, as if the statistics haven’t already proven that so many of them don’t know what to do with a woman’s body.

Every time something bad happens to women in this country, the most powerful group of individuals — who it seems like never have to face the consequences of their actions — go to their canned responses in situations like this.
But, in a country in which sports have been intertwined with politics and culture for decades, the white male athlete is a member of society that can reach levels of success that are often above reproach — making them unfireable. There’s a reason why top-flight white quarterbacks, hockey, baseball, and college basketball players can reach a certain level of celebrity and fame that’s only allowed for them. This is why we should be challenging them to kneel for abortion rights. Because, as they love to tell us, they have mothers, wives, and daughters, too.'

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... are one big reason why men by and large stay quiet about abortion, even if they are pro-choice.

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Not sure who wrote this, but I'm guessing a militant menopausal lesbian gender studies professor did. I refuse to click the link to the article to reward the spewing of such drivel.

Sorry, girls but men are under no obligation to abet you murdering your own kids. Why don't y'all woman up instead of being crybaby deadbeats because society is now holding you accountable for your reckless sexual behavior.

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