UK: Teenage boys should be taught about incel culture, teachers say

Article here. Excerpt:

''A study in October 2021, suggested that there was a 6.3 per cent chance of being suggested an incel-related video by YouTube within five 'hops' of a non-incel related video,' she said on Saturday.

'Given the amount of time our young people spend on social media, this is 6.3 per cent too much.

'Clearly this shows the dangers of failing to support and improve the mental wellbeing of boys within schools.

'Language and stereotyping attitudes such as 'cry like a girl' or 'fight like a boy' means that boys as well as girls still struggle to express their own difficulties with their mental wellbeing or feel like they need to suffer in silence.'

The motion calls for Nasuwt to lobby government to make misogyny a hate crime and also calls for more mental health support for boys in schools.'

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