Yale students to gain access to anonymous sexual assault reporting service

Article here. Excerpt:

'All Yale students will gain access to a new anonymous sexual assault reporting system on April 14 following years of advocacy from student group Yale Law Women.

The service, Callisto, is a third-party organization which uses encrypted technology to allow people to identify others harmed by the same perpetrator and to come forward together. Any student can access the network with their Yale email. With the system, people can detail any incident they wish to report, learn if others have had a similar experience with the same offender and explore a range of options for next steps. The platform is entirely private; Yale University staff and Callisto workers will not have access to the submissions.
The two student groups also requested that the University alert claimants if there are multiple accusations against the person they are accusing. Their report argued that Yale needed a technology that allows people to make anonymous, sealed allegations and be alerted if another person accuses the same offender. Students may be more likely to speak out against a professor if they know others had a similar experience, the report reads.'

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