Boys to Men: How male mentoring is changing the lives of boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'California’s Boys to Men program currently operates in thirty schools in California and is expanding. Teachers and administrators have been very supportive of the program that began operating in 1996. Primarily relying on volunteers (adult mentors who must pass a criminal background check) and donations, the program does have some staff trainers who teach the adult male mentors listening and other skills. They even have a training session called “Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire.” The trainings emphasize three main precepts — Listen, Accept, and Encourage.
Boys to Men concentrates on one hour weekly sessions at schools with teenage boys, and they also have three day retreats during non-school days that features camping, surfing, and other outdoor activities that reward skills. Leadership skills, for example, are rewarded with football games and fishing trips.

Peer group-activities are a hallmark of the program. With an emphasis on boys learning from themselves, teaching each other, and encouraging good habits and healthy emotions, boys learn to take ownership of themselves and be actively engaged with helping others.'

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