Young women are closing the 'gender pay gap'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Young women are closing the so-called gender pay gap.

Pew research found that in 22 of 250 U.S. metro areas, women under the age of 30 earn at least as much as their male counterparts. In some cities, including New York and Washington, young women are earning more. "There are 107 metros where young women earn between 90% and 99% of what young men earn," said Richard Fry, author of the Pew analysis .

This is good news for young women, who are more educated than ever before. As opposed to 1950 when women earned only 27% of bachelor’s degrees, they now hold 57% of bachelor’s degrees, 61% of master’s degrees, and 54% of doctoral degrees. As women obtain more qualifications, it appears that their salaries are rising in suit.

Despite this positive trend, lawmakers and leftist activists continue to cite the raw wage gap as evidence of rampant sex-based discrimination in the workplace. They argue it’s why we need legislation such as the Paycheck Fairness Act to protect women.'

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