West London women furious at closure of female-only gym as they won't workout near men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women in a West London town are angry at the looming closure of a local women-only gym as their religious beliefs mean it's the only place they feel comfortable working out. Female members of the Southall Sports Centre shared their heartbreak that the gym is due to close forever this week and say it will leave them with nowhere to exercise.

Southall Sports Centre will close its doors on March 31 to make way for an expansion of the West London College next door. The gym has a women-only sauna and exercise area, which attracts female members who don’t want to work out with men for reasons of comfort, modesty or religion.'

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... your religious rights end where others' civil rights begin. Denying entry to an otherwise public facility to ppl based on such things as their sex isn't right, even if sometimes the gubmint says so. Before appealing to authority for vindication, bear in mind the UK gov't permitted slavery until the 12th C and further allowed Britons to be involved in slave-trading for hundreds of years after that.

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