Threat assessment experts highlight danger posed by 'involuntarily celibate' men

Article here. Excerpt:

'On a Friday evening in November 2018, 40-year-old Scott Beierle signed up for a hot yoga class in Tallahassee, Florida, and told the receptionist he would wait outside.

When the class began, Beierle grabbed his ear protection and a loaded gun, walked into the classroom and opened fire. He killed two women, injured four others and then turned the gun on himself.

Police, through the course of their investigation of the incident, discovered a long history of hatred toward women, sexual assault allegations, and homophobic and racist comments.

Now, threat assessment experts with the US Secret Service's National Threat Assessment Center are using the Tallahassee murder-suicide to bring greater understanding to the threat posed by so-called involuntarily celibate men, often referred to as "incels."
Lina Alathari, the chief of the National Threat Assessment Center, estimated the number of participants in threat assessment and targeted violence trainings topped 26,000 last year.
"You often see a crossover between misogynistic views and White supremacy, far-right ideology, as well as in some cases far-left ideologies," Driscoll said.
"The body of research examining misogyny as an extreme ideology and incels specifically, as well as its intersection with other ideologies like White supremacy, as a field of research, is growing."'

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Men who support men's rights online are used to being called names, "incel" being one of the most common. Truth is, there's a big difference between an MRA and an incel, as described in the story. MRAs seek change through peaceful means such as lobbying, protests, letter/email campaigns, etc. MRAs are familiar with the many issues men as a class have and work to spread understanding.

An incel, as described in the story, is not an MRA. Often he is a deeply-troubled man who has not learned the kind of coping skills men have had to learn for millenia when dealing with the opposite sex. Or he simply refuses to exercise them and then blames them for his frustrations. In some cases this is expressed violently, as the article describes.

IMO, incels as described herein are badly-adjusted men who could probably use some professional help. Yet even the typical incel isn't likely to take up weapons and use them against others. Some may talk violently and as disturbing as that is, it's not the same as actually picking up a firearm and start shooting (though some would beg to differ, I feel that position is a bridge too far).

If as an MRA you are standing to defend men in some way or are pointing out the many errors in feminism, you are called an incel by someone who is losing the argument, simply walk away (be that in person or virtually), or simply remind them that name-calling in an argument is a sign that the name-caller has run out of real points to make and is resorting to name-calling. Then unless they straighten up, walk away. Life's too short.

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