Adam Zivo: Ruling that Steven Galloway can sue over false rape allegations a win for due process

Article here. Excerpt:

'A B.C. judge’s ruling that novelist Steven Galloway can sue his accuser over repeated and unsubstantiated claims that he is a rapist is a dose of common sense, signalling that due process still matters and that those who make false sexual assault allegations are not above accountability.

Previously a feted author, Galloway became infamous in the Canadian literary world after a former student of his publicly accused him of sexual assault. A subsequent investigation determined in 2016 that this accusation was unfounded and that the student and Galloway had a consensual relationship, though Galloway was fired from his University of British Columbia position for an “irreparable breach of trust.”

The accuser, whose name is under a publication ban and can only be identified by the letters A.B., and her supporters rejected these findings and continued to smear Galloway. Notably, in 2018 A.B. held an art show in New York City centred on the theme of rape, where, in an artist statement, she reiterated her false claims about Galloway, though she avoided explicitly naming him.'

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