#GGForAll attracts controversy for advancing girls-only CS:GO events

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Global Women’s Circuit for CSGO will have a $500,000 prize pool, consisting of both online and offline events throughout the year. Its first major event will be held online between the months of March and May, followed by two LAN events in Dallas, Texas, and Valencia, Spain. This will be followed by another two-month online league, before concluding with a League Finals in Sweden in November.

Gender-inclusive initiatives such as #GGForAll and Riot’s Valorant Game Changers may be seen as paradoxes by some. After all, they are meant to be inclusive initiatives, yet are exclusively available to genders that are not CIS male. However, these initiatives are meant to give female players (and other less-represented genders) a platform to pave a road towards professional play. There are a lot of social factors at play that prevents women from playing in the most competitive events. Events such as these are meant to encourage women to compete. These show them that women can compete and win money in esports. These will inspire and encourage a younger breed of women to try their hand in esports. Within these insulated environments, they have to deal with vitriol towards their gender less, because they will be playing against people who are more than assured will not use their gender to insult them.'

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