Democrats have a man problem

Article here. Excerpt:

'As Democrats investigate what went wrong in the 2021 elections and what is going wrong heading into the 2022 elections, a familiar pattern is emerging: Men are abandoning the party in droves.
So why are men leaving the Democratic Party?

Perhaps it is because the entire Democratic agenda seems designed to make men irrelevant, and men have begun to notice.

Consider the slideshow Biden’s White House released to promote their Build Back Better agenda this October. Very similar to a slideshow produced by President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign featuring a fictional “Julia,” Biden’s “Linda” goes through life with new Democratic programs helping her along the way.

We see Linda pregnant with her son “Leo,” but Leo’s father is not mentioned. We then see Linda benefit from an expanded Child Tax Credit, government-subsidized daycare, and government-run Pre-K, but no man shares in their life. It is as if fathers didn’t exist.

Not only do these programs seem designed to make men irrelevant, many of them actually make it harder for men to marry the women in their lives. According to the Tax Policy Center, for example, a mother making $19,000 a year would lose almost $1,000 a year in expanded child tax credit benefits if she were to get married. The subsidized daycare in Build Back Better also contains steep benefit cliffs that punish couples who tie the knot.'

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