Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter after repeatedly advising NJ man to ‘kill yourself’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman who allegedly pushed a New Jersey man to take his own life with a barrage of texts reading “go kill yourself” pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter Thursday.

Former Boston College student Inyoung You, 23, received a 2 1/2 year suspended jail sentence and 10 years of probation, meaning she can avoid prison by completing her probation.

You, a native of South Korea, sent Alexander Urtula, 22, of Cedar Grove, 47,000 texts over the last two months of their relationship, prosecutors said. She “repeatedly told the victim that he should kill himself or die and waged a campaign of abuse that stripped the victim of his free will,” according to officials.

Urtula died of suicide on the day of his Boston College graduation.'

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... is she's doing no time for it.

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