Asian women’s success disproves claims of ‘white male supremacy’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The progressive left’s belief that the United States is a country rampant with white supremacy and misogyny has gained a lot of cultural traction. However, newly released statistics from the US Department of Labor repudiate this narrative.

For the first three quarters of 2021, Asian women’s median weekly earnings surpassed those of white men, a trend that only began last year. In the most recent quarter (July to September), Asian women earned close to 10 percent more than white men. The highest-earning Asian female groups are Taiwanese, Indian and Chinese.

Asian women are hardly outliers. According to the latest 2019 census data, women of various Middle Eastern backgrounds out-earned their white counterparts: full-time working Iranian, Turkish and Palestinian women’s earnings were higher than those of white women. Moreover, a 2017 University of Michigan study found African-born black women had both higher earnings and income growth compared to white women in the US.

What explains these jarring disparities? Aren’t people of color and women both marginalized groups in a society that privileges the “straight white male” above everyone else? According to the theory of intersectionality, ethnic women are subject to double-disadvantage due to their intersecting victimized identity traits. But this trendy “woke” neo-Marxist ideology emanating from academia, could not be further from reality.'

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