UK: Man who called out SU for ban on 'middle-aged white men' awarded £1,000

Article here. Excerpt:

'A university's students' union deliberately excluded 'middle-aged white male' celebrities from opening its new building for 'diversity' reasons, a tribunal heard.

Ellen Rudge, a senior manager at the University of Leicester's Students' Union, sent an email to staff asking for suggestions for high-profile figures to launch its new hub.

But, the marketing manager specifically stated she did not want 'another white, middle-aged man' as she was trying to 'reflect diversity'.

But she ended up being warned by a colleague that by singling out a particular group she risked being offensive and derogatory.

The ensuing row between Ms Rudge and experienced HR worker Ricardo Champayne led to his resignation and a tribunal at which the father of six alleged he had been 'victimised' by the students' union for calling out potential discrimination.

Now he has won more than £1,000 after successfully suing the SU for whistle-blowing and victimisation.'

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The amt awarded is hardly compensation for losing a job, being harassed, etc. The amt shows that they aren't serious abt enforcing the law multilaterally and fairly.

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