Alice Sebold Stays Silent as Man Wrongly Convicted for Her Rape Is Exonerated

Article here. Excerpt:

'Alice Sebold has remained silent after the man convicted of raping her was exonerated.

The award-winning author is at the center of a heartbreaking saga surrounding a wrongful conviction that resulted in an innocent man spending 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Anthony Broadwater broke down in court this week when the rape conviction at the center of Sebold's memoir Lucky was overturned.

The author is yet to comment on the situation. Newsweek has contacted her representatives for comment.

Following the hearing, ​​a spokesperson for Scribner, Sebold's publisher, said, via The Guardian: "Neither Alice Sebold nor Scribner has any comment. Scribner has no plans to update the text of Lucky at this time."'

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She might well already be thinking of how to make even more money on the back of her persecution of an innocent man by writing another book on the topic.

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