When America Embraced Wonder Woman and forgot G.I. Joe

Article here. Excerpt:

'Policy makers would never tolerate these statistical realities if our nation’s daughters were the majority of overdose deaths. Nor should we tolerate them. Our culture thinks differently when it comes to equal protections in a variety of social programs. For those who are skeptical when it comes to equal protections of our boys and men, the COVID pandemic provides ample evidence of the ways our nation and world mobilize when it comes to gender and well-being.

During the COVID Pandemic, the World Health Organization, United Nations, and United States created reports outlining the challenges of women. The CDC released a report on Women, Caring, and COVID-19. No such reports on men were implemented despite the statistical truth that men accounted for 60% to 70% of COVID deaths, and male health care workers were dying in higher rates than their female counterparts. Men in the U.S. lost jobs in slightly higher numbers and percentages than women, but few cared to focus on the challenges men, women, and families faced with an equitable eye toward its impact on the collective social good.'

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"There is an inculcated practice when it comes to the exercise of compassion in a society that should be aiming for equity in policy actions and programs."

This is one of the biggest problems with the entire issue of sex equality. Even to men, men don't count as much as women. This is why it is only recently, as the anti-male policies start notably affecting women and children, that the fight for men and boys has started to pick up.

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