Instead of a female expansion, America should retire our archaic draft once and for all

Article here. Excerpt:

'Why is it necessary to spend $26 million a year on a program that hasn’t been used for almost half a century? In short – It’s not. In Washington, it’s too easy to keep doing what has always been done without reexamining the purpose or need. That needs to change.

For more than a century, the United States has maintained a nationwide system for drafting men into the military and requires most males between the ages of 18 and 26 to register. Men who fail to register can face criminal penalties, loss of eligibility for employment opportunities and education benefits, and the denial of security clearances.

Over its long history, though, it has rarely been used. Most recently, the system was placed in deep standby between 1975 and 1980, after President Gerald Ford suspended the registration requirement.'

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Of course, nobody was saying the Selective Service List should be scrapped when men were being discriminated against by being the only ones to have to put their names on that horrible list.

And while it would be easy to think "oh well, at least it could be scrapped now," I urge you to look at the past record of many who now want the Selective Service List scrapped. They don't want to scrap it to get equality: they want it scrapped to maintain inequality, since by getting rid of the Selective Service List, there is still a chance that if there is a general war draft, only men will be conscripted – as has been the case throughout history.

Strangely, now that women are also on the Selective Service List, it is in the interests of equality to keep that damn thing going! Either that, or first ensure women will be conscripted in the name of the equality they say they want, by an amendment on the Constitution.

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