Man was forced out of Leicester university job for calling out 'no middle-aged white men' jibe

Article here. Excerpt:

'A man working for the University of Leicester Student's Union who said he was forced out of his job for calling out a colleague's "no middle-aged white men" comment, has won an employment tribunal.

Ricardo Champayne claimed he had no option but to resign from his position in human resources after a row sparked by him warning a colleague about using such potentially offensive language.

The quarrel broke out when Ellen Rudge, then a senior manager at the Students' Union, sent an e-mail to staff on February 14, 2020.

In it, she asked colleagues to suggest high-profile figures who could be invited to open the student union's newly-extended Percy Gee Building.

In her message, however, the marketing manager specifically stated she did not want "another white, middle-aged man" for the task, as she was trying to "reflect diversity".

Mr Champayne's troubles began when he warned Ms Rudge that by singling out a particular group of people, and describing them in such racial terms, she ran the risk of being offensive and derogatory.'

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