Biden gender equity plan misses mark

Article here. Google the first paragraph text to jump the paywall.

'The introductory letter cautions against rebuilding to "a status quo that wasn’t working for women and girls." There is no question that women still face gender-based disadvantages, particularly when it comes to balancing paid employment and family obligations. The COVID-19 pandemic spotlighted some of these problems: The closings of schools and day care centers disproportionately affected working mothers, and safety-related restrictions in the service industry affected female workers more. In 2020, women’s labor force participation dropped by 3.4%, compared to 2.8% for men.

But the Biden/Harris "strategy" resolutely ignores male disadvantages. Thus, the document repeatedly mentions areas in which Black and Latina women fare poorly, but never acknowledges that Black men have the highest unemployment rate — currently 11.6%, compared to 9% for Black women.

Likewise, there is a discussion of Black women and girls being disproportionately affected by incarceration and police violence, with no mention of men of all races being far more likely to experience both. While males obviously commit more crimes, there is also evidence that they receive harsher sentences than women — and have 20 times the risk of being killed by the police. Yet the report mentions male incarceration only inasmuch as it affects communities.'

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