Police Scotland's 'Don't be that guy' campaign against male violence should help men understand their power

Article here. Excerpt:

'No doubt some men will get defensive about Police Scotland’s campaign, arguing – rightly – that the majority of men are not sexually violent. But the truth is that women and girls fear men.

Men don’t fully understand how their physical strength, their masculinity, can repel a woman just as it can attract her, nor do they properly appreciate how much their blokey banter can intimidate women.

Any effort to help men understand the power of their sex is welcome. But it is up to men to change how they behave. Women have had enough.'

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Telling men that women and girls fear them is not helpful, and serves merely to antagonize them. Furthermore, many men have had enough of the hostility and contempt with which they've been treated of the last several decades.

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Women are safer in the UK than they have been since at least World War 2.

If women FEEL more fearful, something needs to be done about that (like stop the feminist propaganda) because women do not have any reason to BE more fearful. They are safer than they have ever been.

Meanwhile, a higher proportion of women are being convicted of violent offences, against both men and women.

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It seems it's easier to just blame all men for being male, rather than actually provide competent policing of the community. Now this sexist pig can sit back in the glow of his vitue signalling, and not have to worry about doing his job properly. What a dropkick.

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