Colorado School Board Candidate Says ‘We Do Not Need a White Man Sitting On Our Board’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fox News’ America Reports played on Wednesday a soundbite of a recent school board candidates’ forum in Colorado where a woman said that the school board doesn’t “need a white man” on it.

“First time in the 70-year history of this district that we have five women sitting on the board,” said Kelly Bates, who is a candidate for a seat on the Cherry Creek School District’s board, at a candidate’s forum on Oct. 8. “I think it speaks to the times that we are living in.”

“I also believe that we have diversity. I don’t think we need a man to be on our board just because he’s a man,” she continued. “We have cultural diversity. We have two black women who sit on our board. We are not all wealthy white women who sit at home eating bonbons all day.”

“No, we do not need a white man sitting on our board,” added Bates.'

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