He's in the kitchen, bleeding to death. Can I get my coat?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Chilling footage shows the moment a pensioner was arrested in her M&S pyjamas while refusing to help her 'abusive' husband as he lay dying on the kitchen floor.

Penelope Jackson, 66, calmly talks police through what she allegedly did to David Jackson, 78, after they arrived at their home in Berrow, Somerset.

She gives horrifying remarks to the officers including 'if there's any luck you'll be too late', 'I should have stabbed him a bit more' and 'I might go and stab him again'.'

But during her arrest Jackson appears more concerned with retrieving her coat and slippers from her house, which she repeatedly asks officers for.

The defendant told Bristol Crown Court today she stabbed him after becoming 'petrified' by violence she was subjected to throughout their marriage.

She claimed she 'walked on eggshells' and 'lived with a knot in my stomach' and told the jury: 'I didn't know if I was waking up to nice David or nasty David.'

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She could have left. She could have called the police at any time during her marriage and had him removed from the home. She could have gone to one of the feminist shelters the taxpayer pays at a rate of around £5,000 per week per person.

But it is in the judiciary's own guidelines not to punish her justly, just because she is a woman.

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