Opinion: Make misogyny a hate crime and let's all vow to end it

Article here. Excerpt:

'The individual abuser is always to blame for their crimes but those who ignored the multiple red flags, such as with Sarah Everard's murderer such as his interest in violent pornography, knowing that he was nicknamed "The Rapist" and his indecent exposure incidents, all share collective responsibility for allowing that culture of misogyny to blossom and thrive.

It is not good enough to just denounce them as 'bad apples' or say that they're 'monsters' when in truth they are not and pretending otherwise is a fallacy.

Yes they are at the extreme end of the scale but they're not a special breed - they're all someone's father, friend, husband, brother, colleague or son.
But this cultural change needs to come from the top, too. Misogyny absolutely should be classed as a hate crime, particularly as the rise of the INCEL movement has been found comparable to other forms of domestic terrorism.'

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A guy living in his parents' basement at age 30 who avoids women because they're expensive and don't seem interested in him sexually used to be chided as a "loser with women", though he may be successful in other ways. As unfair perhaps as this characterization of such a man may be, it was at least relatively benign despite the judgments bound up in it.

Now such a man is seriously being characterized as an actual or potential terrorist? Is such a fellow one day to be subject to arrest and prosecution merely b/c for his own reasons he avers the company of women?

Priests and monks won't be safe.

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"Incel" = terrorist will morph into MRA = "incel" = terrorist. Any man who objects to feminist extremes or nutsery will be labeled an MRA and be further labeled a "terrorist" merely for having opinions that diverge from feminist orthodoxy and/or extremism. And yes, there are def extremist views found in feminism. (I'm referring to the reduce-the-male-population-to-10% kind of views.)

Here's hoping the wrong ppl don't obtain high office in places where the law's protection of such things as free speech is weak.

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When you read someone who writes something as daft as "INCEL movement" you know you are reading garbage. Nothing that is involuntary can be said to be a movement. At most, it might be described as a trend. And if the trend of INCELs is rising, the problem is not misogyny, it is misandry.

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People with extremist views are already in power. That's why we have things like the Istanbul Convention being signed up to by so many countries. (Even though Turkey has denounced it, Bulgaria has declared it unconstitutional and Poland looks likely to exit from it.)

Countries considering the 'misogyny' law promoted by the UN are already effectively considering making anti-feminism illegal, since such laws are about the way a woman FEELS about something, not what actually happened, or what was intended. In other words, if a woman says you're guilty, you are and that's the end of the matter.

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