UK: Guys: do you recognise yourself in our 60 second That Guy campaign film?

Video here.

"Most guys don’t look in the mirror & see a problem. But it’s staring us in the face. Sexual violence begins long before you think it does."

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I'm not sure why this video is (effectively) promoted here. I don't see what activism can be done about it.

Clearly, from the number of thumbs-down, people are thinking there is something wrong.

Many men are just getting fed up with this stuff: men who used to be supportive of women, chivalrous, and undemanding are now wondering why girls/women are not also getting these messages, since most men (if they think hard enough about it) have been targeted by women who say and think much the same things. These once-supportive men, who know that most women consider a compliment to be .. well, a compliment, and who well understand that women want and need to be 'chased' in the dating game, these men are getting turned off from being the helpful and friendly men that women once could rely on.

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