Scotland doesn't care about male victims

In the Scottish Parliament, Miles Briggs MSP (Conservative, Lothian), who himself has been through a sexual accusation that he was cleared of and described the experience as a "living hell", asked the First Minister if she will "investigate the possibility of establishment of family violence courts?"

Family Violence Courts are an idea promulgated through the United Nations, specifically to avoid some of the inconvenient legal safeties applied by most courts, such as the need for proof. The United Nations is where domestic abuse is defined as a 'gendered crime', so the idea is that these courts will consider any woman there as a victim and any man as an abuser.

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party, Glasgow Southside) responded accordingly, saying that Scotland's new Lord Advocate "has a very strong interest in ensuring that victims of domestic abuse and women who are victims of male violence get appropriate and speedy access to justice." Sturgeon does later make a passing admission that "some men experience domestic abuse" but insists that the majority of victims of domestic abuse are women, as though this makes any difference (the majority are white, the majority are Christian or atheist, the majority are under average height .. so what?).

Sturgeon finishes by emphasising the empathy gap against men: "making sure that people have access to justice is an important part of our overall approach to reducing the impact of domestic abuse and violence on women."

Scottish government official record, here.

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