'I'm raising my boys not to rape - consent starts when they're little'

Article here. Excerpt:

'In the wake of the tragic news regarding Sarah Everard, her kidnap, rape and subsequent murder I've felt compelled to share my perspective as a mother of two young boys.

A lot of the news has focused (quite rightly) on what men can do. However, I believe there is also space for everyone to examine what they can do in order to make a difference here.

More specifically, it's got me thinking about what we as parents can do.

As parents of the next generation we hold a lot of power. A constant thread through my parenting has been how to integrate my political leanings with my parenting and how I can parent my boys in ways that will raise them to be good, kind, respectful men.'

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To whatever extent we are affected by our upbringing, most of our time as children is spend with our mothers. Certainly mothers can teach children good behaviour.
But parents need to teach both boys and girls to respect both boys and girls, and to look for respect from both boys and girls. Anything less leads to a toxic society in which men have a mantra of "men don't hit women" drilled into them, even while women are smashing glasses into their faces in pubs, or smacking frying pans into their face in the home.

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The gendered approach of teaching "boys" about respect and consent is fundamentally flawed, as it carries with it a gendered framing of males as dangerous animals who's natural behaviour requires correction to be made safe. When you teach something as inherently biased as boys must be taught not to rape, and girls must be taught that boys are rapists, then your message is not about respect or consent, its about misandry and gender hatred.

What being taught to boys by modern feminist educators is "we hate boys". That's not a message of positive change, respect or consent, no matter how much ideological technobabble you surround it with.

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