Alex Phillips: Many feminists seem to want to punish men, it's time we supported them

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s all your fault. For too long you have dominated society in almost every culture of the world. You are sociopathic, reckless, selfish and deficient in areas where we need you to be better. The Patriarchy, in a word, is toxic. That is how many men feel they are being spoken to today.

Born with inherent blame, an original sin. When the tragic circumstances of Sarah Everard's murder hit the headlines, there were even calls for a curfew on men, somehow lumping 50% of the population in the same category as one psychopathic and deeply evil monster.

How do we want men to react to this, what can they do? Confusion is understandable.On one hand men are being told that their toxic masculinity is the root cause of all harm, while on the other hand, being encouraged not to be too metrosexual or soy, yet neither too gruff nor Neanderthal. Expected to be the perfect father, a high achiever, able to reach the top shelf and carry the furniture, grow a beard, measure over 6 foot and all the while be a true gentleman, giving up his seat for a woman.'

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