Can men ever hope for legal equality?

When a justice minister doesn't even understand that his police forces are implementing policies that are clearly discriminatory against men, what chance is there for the men to get equality under the law?

The UK's Justice secretary, Dominic Raab said "…of course misogyny is absolutely wrong – whether it’s a man against a woman, or a woman against a man.”

Misandry meaning: Correct term for ‘hatred of men’ explained as Dominic Raab confuses definition of misogyny — here.

Among the many people mocking Mr Raab online after he appeared to suggest misogyny could be directed against a man was former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal. He tweeted: “If you don’t know what misogyny is then you’re never going to find it.” — here.

Even the Huffington Post seem to be picking on the Justice Secretary, though perhaps that's because he assumes his government upholds the principle of equality:
The politician was initially asked for his opinion on PM Boris Johnson’s comments that misogyny should not be a hate crime. — here.

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