Feminism – Identity Politics and the Nature of Echoes

Essay here. Excerpt:

'We all need to understand identity politics breed reactive identity politics. If people claiming to speak for one group are allowed to speak loudly and effectively unchallenged long enough they will create credibility for that view both within the group they have identified (even if they did not previously self-identify) and the target other group.

The reality of a mirror of feminism arising – and no it is not MRA. MRAs speak to the harms to men and boys that are clearly and easily shown, that appear even in statistics gathered by those who have no interest in supporting men or boys. The mirror of feminism is rather MGTOW. One needs to ask – what if you merely went along and blithely accepted that feminists speak for all women as they claim? So, when we examine the reality of domestic violence, truth versus narrative, should what logical conclusion must you reach, assuming that you believe these feminists speak for all women? When you examine the reality of choice and consent, what conclusions must you reach when you start by assuming that these women -speak for all women?'

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I think there is something to the fact that women may be the primary victims of feminism. Not perhaps in the short-term, not perhaps yet, but it's coming.

Right now, men have a ready network if they want to become activists for men's rights. Can you imagine, though, what it is like for a woman trying to become an activist for women's rights (and yes, there is some need: maybe not in your country but in some places). Such a woman is channelled all the time into feminism, which does very little in support of women, and finds it hard to help women without having the ideological baggage of feminism deny women's independence and self-determination (read Erin Pizzey for an example from the 1970s).

In the longer term, and it is starting now, women are discovering that equality isn't all that great an idea. They don't want to have to work as hard or long as men, they don't want to have to compete on the same terms for child custody, they don't want the stresses that cause men to suicide at a rate about four times greater than women, they want to be romanced and treated special without a detailed positive affirmation form signed in triplicate before sex…

In the meantime, men are clearly on the short end of society. Having lost almost all the masculine advantages there used to be, they are still saddled with all the masculine responsibilities and liabilities .. and then some.

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