Christie’s to sell NFT of white man being sold as slave

Article here. Excerpt:

'A non-fungible token featuring a white man being auctioned as a slave will be sold at Christie’s — for a price that could reach millions — in New York City next week.

“It was immediately clear it would be a major artwork both for its contemporary and historical commentary as well as the fascinating combination of disciplines,” Barrett White of Christie’s Americas told The Post.

“White Male for Sale” is the creation of artist-provocateur Dread Scott. The work consists of a 70-second looped video showing an average-looking white man in white button-down shirt and black pants, expressionless, standing on an auction block in the middle of a busy Brooklyn intersection.'

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... race *intersects* with gender at times. This is one of them. Would the "artist" have done a "White Woman For Sale" video had he thought of it?

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