Too many white men putting their hands up to speak, Labour delegates told

Article here. Excerpt:

'During a debate on housing and transport, the chairman of the session noted the people putting their hands up to contribute did “not reflect the diversity” of those in the hall.

Mark Ferguson, a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee, told delegates in Brighton: “I am afraid, and I am not speaking from a position of particular strength here, there are too many white men putting their hands up.”

To laughter, he added: “I am not anti-white men, some of my favourite people are – my dad’s a white man.

“But I do not want white men to exclusively dominate this or any other debate at this conference and following on from my comrade in the chair this morning, I do wish to see the diversity of the hall reflected.

“I’m not putting anybody on the spot here, but if you want to speak do not be afraid to put your hand up, we want to hear from you, this is an inclusive conference.”'

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As with the men's movement, the predominance of white people being active is not the problem. They should not be less forthcoming.

The problem—if there is one at all—is that not enough of the minorities are active. It's a standard problem with being a minority: it can be difficult to keep being willing to be the only person putting forward a certain view. We even see this with men's rights activists, where many don't speak up in public because they imagine (incorrectly) that they have minority views.

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This news story does not include any evidence, nor suggestion, that people belonging to groups other than "white men" are being discouraged from raising their hands to speak. Maybe those other people need a specially designated "safe space" where they can talk in an closed echo chamber, free from the presence of those dreadful "white men."

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Indeed. It is one thing to say to some people "put your hand up more; get involved" and quite another to say to anyone "don't put your hand up so much; stop trying to be heard."

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