White men are now almost extinct on university campuses – and that’s exactly what feminists want

Article here. Excerpt:

"From Malaysia to the US, women are dominating higher education in record numbers, but don't expect quotas or diversity measures to tackle the inequality. For gender activists, this is just the latest victory in a long-running war.

It was always going to happen. And now it’s official: women outnumber men at American universities on a scale that’s never been seen before. Not just slightly, or by a considerable margin, but by record, unprecedented levels.

By the end of the 2020-21 academic year, women constituted 60% of college students across American campuses, while men made up just 40%, according to the National Student Clearinghouse research group.

Compared to 2016, there are also 1.5 million fewer students in America’s higher education system and, yep, you guessed it, men account for 71% of the decline."
Anyone who’s surprised by this disparity is either a) an idiot or b) is in denial of the war against men. Anyone who’s a feminist simply won’t care.

"In fact, they’ll probably see it as a triumph, because their goal was never about achieving equality but displacing men’s cultural prominence and replacing it with women’s. Their sole aim was to turn the tables and seize power – and, clearly, it’s working."'

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