Boys and America’s future: Let’s be honest about their achievement, and the broader problems for our society

Article here. Excerpt:

'The punch-counterpunch should not be surprising. Conservative publications have always loved the boy troubles, a backdoor way of striking back at feminists while exploiting male grievances. And progressive publications love to downplay the gender gaps to keep the focus on championing women’s causes. Men still dominate the key majors such as technology and engineering, the writer points out.

So who’s got the right take here?

Because too many powerful constituencies — the female-dominated teachers unions, the American Association of University Women, high school administrators resisting taking on another problem to solve — were lined up to downplay the issue.

A more serious campus issue about gender imbalances is one that college leaders are loath to talk about publicly. When gender imbalances tilt beyond a 60/40 balance of women and men, the relations between the two sexes get unhealthy, with some men using their comparative scarcity to get abusive with women. There’s a reason why colleges are willing to risk lawsuits to favor men in admissions. It’s all about avoiding that 60/40 split.'

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