Three books take different approaches to address toxic masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Toxic masculinity is, arguably, one of the biggest problems on the planet right now. In addition to propelling sexism, racism, terrorism, transphobia and the billionaire space race, it also fuels male depression and suicide. In 2019, the American Psychological Association declared “traditional masculinity ideology” a threat to the mental and physical health of boys and men. So what’s the best way to address this patriarchal plague?

A new book by Pauline Harmange, I Hate Men, calls for women to get angry; Vivek Shraya’s I’m Afraid of Men seeks to educate men about the traumatic effects of their toxicity and the daily microaggressions perpetrated by those with male privilege; Liz Plank in For the Love of Men extends empathy for the ways that patriarchy and toxic masculinity are also bad for men. The idea of more love for the most privileged and violent group out there might rub some the wrong way, but compassion may prove necessary to truly transform masculinity.'

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