What’s With Twitter Calling Neeraj Chopra A Toxic Male And Bashing His Sport Too?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Right after athlete Neeraj Chopra received a Gold for the sport – Javelin Throw in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, certain Twitter users began reprimanding not just him but criticized the sport itself.

The bashing and utter berating were done on the grounds of taking a stand against toxic masculinity, Brahmanical patriarchy, and thirst for gold.

Not only is this outrageous but also a vivid example of deep-rooted misandry. The discrimination is not just limited to gender bias but the woman also claims that the javelin is a phallic symbol thereby a symbol of patriarchy and oppression. Not only did she insult Neeraj Chopra’s profession but also humiliated him for being a man.'

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