Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb Takes Offense After CNN Uses his Simone Biles Commentary to Blast ‘White Male Talking Heads’

Article here. Excerpt:

'After Simone Biles pulled out of an Olympic event to focus on her mental health, Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb underlined what he considered to be a “double standard” in sports. Wednesday morning, CNN lumped Gottlieb’s commentary into what they considered a group of “White male talking heads.”

“Why would you do that?” Gottlieb tweeted Wednesday afternoon, clearly annoyed by CNN’s label. “If you want to have me on, it isn’t hard to reach out, but the labeling of my race makes my commentary somehow race based?”
During the segment on CNN hosted by Brianna Keilar, she called out Gottlieb, Piers Morgan and Charlie Kirk for their commentary on Biles. Keilar also noted Biles as “the only survivor of [Larry] Nassar’s campaign of abuse representing her team USA,” while CNN’s chyron read, “White male talking heads question courage of Simone Biles.”'

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