UK: Homicide research reveals society ‘blind’ to male victims of domestic violence

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ground-breaking new research shows society still does not readily recognise male domestic abuse victims and some may have lost their lives as a result.

The research looked at homicides featuring male victims of domestic abuse and found that opportunities to help them were missed due to gender bias and outdated stereotypes.

The bias dually inhibited male victims from reporting their abuse and public support services, such as police and health care, from recognising them as victims.

The research examined 22 Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR), a type of statutory multi-agency review conducted in the event of a person’s death when it appears to result from domestic violence, abuse, or neglect.

The study identified several findings where there were missed opportunities to help and support male victims, including repeated dismissal of female partners’ abusive acts by services and a lack of professional curiosity. Some of the men found themselves suspected instead.'

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