Thousands Sign Petition Asking to Free Innocent Cop Wrongfully Convicted By Leftist Politics

Article here. Excerpt:

'True to form, an angry woman made a complaint against him for stopping her. For those of you unfamiliar with policing and complaints, the two go hand-in-hand. An overwhelming majority of complaints against officers are unfounded, foul crap. About 92% of the complaints against officers are in this category.

This angry woman alleged that Daniel put his penis into her mouth, for 10 seconds, and then took it out and went on his way. You know, how it’s always done.

So the detective swabbed her for his DNA. None was found. And swabbed Daniel for her DNA. None was found. In fact, no evidence existed to corroborate the outrageous complaint. And Daniel vehemently denied this craziness.

But those were just details to the seemingly feminist detective, who later explained that she just “knew” that Daniel was guilty based on his masculine appearance. For you see, his alleged male “narcissism” was enough for the feminist to suspect Daniel of crimes against women. Without evidence, and based solely on her feelings, she decided that there would be more victims.

The feminist detective and her equally motivated partner ventured on a quest to find these victims. Where did they look for victims? In Daniel's records. How did they choose the women to speak to? They selected only black women who had a criminal record and an outstanding warrant. Did this profile match the original complainant? No. But like everything else in this investigation, it just felt right to them.'

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He was jailed due to feminism. I suppose that's leftist but I feel the headline could have been more specific.

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