How Aussie schoolboys are being pulled out of class to paint their fingernails pink in 'nutty and weird' lessons about toxic masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Latham claimed a boy from Chatswood High complained to him about the workshops, saying they claimed boys were 'privileged' and 'violent'.

'I feel like the aim for the whole thing was to make us feel sad or show remorse for stuff we didn't do,' the unnamed boy was reported as saying.

A spokesman for NSW Education said Chatswood High ran the workshop with 'parental consent'.

'We trust the judgement of the Principal and parents,' the spokesman told Daily Mail Australia.

Latham called the nail-painting 'a nutty, weird practice', adding that he could not see how it improved boys' mental health.

Latham, who claims to be investigating the running of extra-curricular classes in schools, raised the sessions in NSW Parliament.

Tomorrow Man says it is creating 'training grounds to build emotional muscle and spaces free of judgement, to start conversations about the man of tomorrow'.

It runs programs in 'secondary schools, TAFE, universities, amateur and professional sporting clubs, male dominated workplaces' for teenagers aged over 15 and claims a '97 per cent' approval rate.'

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