Should sperm donor owe child support? Ruling will be in NC, but Virginia law will apply

Article here. Excerpt:

'Virginia, as that state’s venerable motto tells us, “is for lovers.”

Fortunately for Anthony “A.J.” Garrelts, it’s an accommodating place for sperm donors, too.

Because he crossed the Virginia state line a decade ago to supply a key ingredient in helping a friend get pregnant, Garrelts appears to have avoided being branded a “deadbeat dad” by the state of North Carolina and won’t have to pay out almost $14,000 in child support, according to a new ruling by the N.C. Court of Appeals.

In an odd how-do-you-do, North Carolina’s second-highest court said Virginia laws, which treat sperm donors as different legal entities than fathers, govern the case.'

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... be it via agency or privately, is a bad idea. Eventually the system will go after men who gave through an agency, too, if it hasn't already come to pass.

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