I Stumbled Onto The Manosphere And It Definitely Wasn't What I Expected

Article here. Excerpt:

'Plenty of women’s circles across the web warn unsuspecting ladies about setting foot in these forums. They say you’ll be faced with mobs of angry men who only want you to submit to their will. But when I stumbled into this territory, it was almost the very opposite of what we’ve been told. In fact, there are plenty of uncouth myths about the Manosphere that deserve to be put to rest — because this growing network of men may be the very thing that will actually save what’s left of femininity in our modern society.

We’ve all consumed enough mainstream media to know that masculinity is deemed dangerous. Corporations like to downplay anything having to do with the rugged, honest, manly man in favor of an idealized male who fulfills duties traditionally held by women (i.e. cleaning, childrearing, etc.). And you don’t have to strain your eyes to see how any depiction of men that isn’t soft and gentle is made out to be barbaric. No more men chopping wood or hunting deer because they’ll automatically be categorized with men who are angry and abusive — not fair, in my opinion.'

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