What’s size got to do with it? Mocking a man’s manhood spurs a reverse #MeToo in South Korea

Article here. Excerpt:

'In recent weeks, the hand, once used as a logo by a now-defunct radical feminist group, has become a point of contention in a charged battle over gender and anti-feminist backlash. Men’s rights groups have taken to searching for the image included in various posters and ad campaigns, in a McCarthyistic hunt for companies, organizations or their employees sympathetic to feminism, targeting them with boycotts or a barrage of complaints.
But for them, the sign is proof that hatred of men is pervasive in today’s South Korea and that radical feminism is out of control. And their campaigns have proved effective: Major corporations have disciplined or demoted employees for advertisements that used the pinching hand, government ministries and municipalities have apologized and revamped promotional material, museums have dismantled displays and celebrities have seen their careers threatened.

The episode is the latest uproar in an intensifying war over gender and fairness dividing the country, and a show of force by a segment of young men who increasingly resent feminism, feel victimized by the women’s movement and believe the scales are, in fact, tipped against them rather than the other way around.'

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