Court revives Gophers football player lawsuit, citing possible sex discrimination in gang-rape punishments

Article here. Excerpt:

'An appeals court panel has brought back to life a discrimination lawsuit filed by former University of Minnesota football players who were punished for an alleged 2016 gang rape.

Three judges for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals found the players have made a credible argument that the U punished them because they are male, citing “external pressures” and detailed allegations of “investigator bias and dubious investigative procedures.”

The case now returns to U.S. District Court, where the players will be able to present their argument that the U discriminated against them because of their sex.

The U suspended several players after a cheerleader reported she was sexually assaulted in September 2016. Following an investigation, a university official recommended that five players be expelled, four suspended and one placed on probation.

The football team threatened to skip the postseason Holiday Bowl until they were promised the disciplined players would receive fair student conduct hearings. Ultimately, six players were cleared and four expelled.'

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