UK:"Young, Male and Anti-Feminist – The Gen Z Boys Who Hate Women"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Half of young men in the UK now believe that feminism has “gone too far and makes it harder for men to succeed”. These are the results of a significant study published in July 2020 by anti-extremism charity HOPE not Hate. The study, Young People in the Time of COVID-19, surveyed 2,076 16- to 24-year-olds on their ideological beliefs.

A growing number of experts across the fields of feminism and anti-extremism were already worried about a young male backlash against young women and their socio-political gains before the pandemic. In fact, HOPE not hate pursued this line of enquiry due to the troubling rise of anti-feminist sentiment they’d noticed among this age group.'

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... to publish bullcrap.

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So the "alt-right" is an organised movement? with operatives trained to recruit teens and subvert them into hating women? with the intention of raping women while having nothing to do with women? This is extreme conspiracy theory on steroids!

Not to mention the feminist myth that being anti-feminist is the equivalent of hating women (i.e. misogyny). OMG that old chestnut never dies.

After decades of demeaning and stereotyping men and boys as subhuman intruments of oppression, feminists are finally waking up to the disengagement of men and boys from feminist dominated institutions and communities. Men and boys doing what they have always done, escaping hostile environments and forging new environments where they are free from oppression and hatred.

The men's movement predicted this decaades ago, and warned that if boys' masculinity was forced underground, it would develop new cultures in the net, hostile to feminism.

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