Canada: Health and Safety Workers at IHSA Target Systemic Sexism in Collective Agreement Negotiations, Trigger Countdown to Possible Job Action

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ontario’s construction, infrastructure, and transportation industries may come to a grinding halt by the mid of June, reports the Ontario Compensation Employees Union (OCEU)/ Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 1750, whose employer rejected several proposals to address workplace barriers that prevent women from advancement, skill development, and participation in the organization, reports the union.

“Approximately 75% of our workplace’s lowest pay-scale earners are women. It’s no coincidence—we need to do more to dismantle the systemic issues that perpetuate gender discrimination and oppression at work,” says Harry Goslin, President of OCEU/CUPE Local 1750.

The union has proposed a new recruitment and diversity mentorship program to help workers, particularly those from equity-seeking communities, access pathways to training and career advancement at IHSA. Additionally, the union proposes enhanced work-from-home language to ensure that workers have the supports and options they need to accommodate their caregiving responsibilities.'

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