Chile: Gender Equality Law Forces Elected Women to Cede Positions to Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'The government of Chile, under pro-China President Sebastián Piñera, moved to do away with its 50-year-old constitution following nationwide leftist riots in 2019 that allegedly began as a protest against a proposed subway fare hike in the nation’s capital, Santiago. Fare protests rapidly escalated into the mass burning and vandalizing of churches, government buildings, and private businesses, resulting in Piñera agreeing to scrap the constitution.

Among the several progressive reforms Chile has implemented during the Piñera era is a law that requires bodies like the constitutional convention to conform to “gender parity,” meant as a nod to feminists who formed part of the far-left coalition fueling the riots. The law requires that each sex not make up over 55 percent of the lawmaking body. The intent of the law was to give more power to women in politics, but its first major implementation will disenfranchise 11 women who won their posts in free and fair elections.'

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