AU: Wandavision’s Dr. Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch cut for being ‘white guy’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Actor Benedict Cumberbatch did a disappearing act from the WandaVision finale because Marvel honchos didn’t want a “white guy” stealing the show, a top studio boss said in a new interview.

Cumberbatch, who has previously played sorcerer Dr. Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was originally set to make a cameo in the Disney+ show’s last episode,Rolling Stone reported Monday.

“Some people might say, ‘Oh, it would’ve been so cool to see Dr. Strange,’” Feige said. “But it would have taken away from Wanda, which is what we didn’t want to do. We didn’t want the end of the show to be commoditised to go to the next movie — here’s the white guy, ‘Let me show you how power works.’”'

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