UK: Educate male teachers about sexism to support girls facing abuse, union told

Article here. Excerpt:

'Male teachers and boys must be taught about sexism to support women and girls facing sexual harassment and abuse, a union conference has been told.

The National Education Union’s (NEU) annual conference heard that a “toxic laddish culture” pervades the country’s secondary schools and sexism “stalks the corridors and classrooms”.

A motion passed at the conference said schools should have “robust sexual harassment and abuse policies” in place so teachers and students felt safe.
Delegates voted for male teachers and boys to learn about sexism and its roots – and to develop methods to challenge their peers – in order to “proactively support women and girls”.

Richard Rieser, from Hackney in east London, called on men to “own up and take responsibility” for sexism.'

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In 2016 73.8% of full time equivalent (FTE) teachers in the UK were female, 84.8% of FTE primary school teachers were female and 62.4% of secondary school teachers were female. 91.5% of teaching assistants and 82.0% of support staff were female. 77% of principals were female. Overall, 80.1% of all school staff were female. While I don't have the stats for 2020, the proportions of male teachers in UK schools have continued to decline since 2016 (no wonder).

Add to this that nearly 25% of families are single parent families in the UK (2020), with 90% of single parent families being female led.

What kind of sexist moron would demand male teachers be singled out for re-education about sexism, when it's being taught by women?

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