AU: Students ‘shamed’ in Melbourne high school for being white, Christian, privileged males

Article here. Excerpt:

'Students at a Melbourne high school have been left shocked after they were made to stand up and be publicly humiliated for being white, Christian males.

Last Wednesday, co-ed school Parkdale Secondary College, in the south Melbourne suburb of Mordialloc, was visited by a social worker from the local Kingston Council.

The social worker spoke about privilege, pronouns and intersectionality.

During the presentation, the social worker is alleged to have asked for boys who were straight, white and Christian to stand up in front of their peers.

They were then told they were responsible for being “oppressors” because of their privilege.'

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When was the last time all the LGBTI students in a school were forced to stand up in front of their peers and be vilified?

When was the last time all female students were forced to stand up in front of their peers and be humiliated and abused?

Seems like all the worst of the behaviours complained of by these hypocrits are the behaviours they like to inflict on children. I bet this sociopath social warrior will not be sacked for the trauma she inflicted on these children. If that's life in the new woke society, then it's sick, sick sick, and needs to be stopped.

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