Considerations being made to include women in military draft registration

Article here. Excerpt:

'There could be some potential changes to men-only military draft registration, but how it could be accomplished is a different story.

Both the Biden Administration and the National Coalition for Men are calling for the men-only military draft registration to include women, and for some veterans like Jeffery Yarvis, it’s a welcome change.

“In a time of war, if our nation’s sovereignty is at risk and we need to expand our services, why not let anybody that wants to serve, serve and use this great capability that we already have in the voluntary system,” he said.
While it’s unlikely the Supreme Court would make such a ruling, Texas A&M Central Texas Political Science Professor John Koehler says any change would take a while without an executive action.

“I think legislators on their own would resist any firm actions on this issue, but I think if the Biden Administration choose to press and push for it, that’s the only way this would move forward,” he said.

The Supreme Court now must decide whether to hear oral arguments in the case of request more information from the parties.'

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