AUS: ‘Not about sending teenagers to jail’: Chanel Contos pushes for new sex crimes reporting

Article here. Excerpt:

'The young woman who set off a national discourse about sexual consent among young people is calling on Victoria Police to launch a new system to make it easier to report sexual assault and allow police to better track alleged repeat offenders.

University student Chanel Contos is pushing for a program that would allow sexual assault complaints to be made to police anonymously online.

Under the Operation Vest scheme Ms Contos launched with NSW Police last month, filing an anonymous complaint does not lead to a formal investigation being launched, but the report is kept on record if the alleged victim chooses to proceed later.

Police can also track if the same alleged offenders are reported multiple times.
“It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard of an assault in a school in your electorate, I can guarantee it is still happening but remains unreported,” she said.'

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... when you say something's there and there's little or no evidence for it?

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